Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An outsider looking in

I doubt I'll ever be fully free of my Mormon heritage - it left its mark on me in a very heavy way. That said, I've found recently I no longer care as much about Mormonism and all its influence. Honestly, the religion is no weirder than a bunch of other cults out there: Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, Moonies (although I don't know what they'll be doing now that Sun Myung Moon: the "Reincarnation of Christ" died). At least in Mormonism you don't have all marriages arranged at random by the "great leader".

In many ways Mormonism is really not that different from fundamentalist christian cults in the south (barring, of course, the weird history and claims of continuing revelation. In that way, I suppose they're more like the Catholic church). And it doesn't even compare to the religious oppression that is rampant in the middle east (though I wonder what would happen if america actually became subject to a religious set of laws like that, no matter the sect).

But I digress. My time away from Mormon central (Utah) has given me some perspective.  Sure, my family still consists entirely of believers, and sure they likely don't approve of my decisions, but does that really change how I am as a human being? Do I really need some validation, or to prove them wrong, or anything like that to be satisfied in this life? No, I don't.

I find I'm having a hard time really getting mad at LDS Corp. Sure, I resent the time, money, and effort the religion took from me, but does it have to ruin my life entirely? No. I find the occasional religious comments I see on my facebook feed curious, but not angering. I guess you could say I've graduated from the rage phase.

I kind of like this "outsider looking in" position I find myself in now. This doesn't mean that I don't occasionally get miffed at overt religious salesmanship, but at this point that's a minor annoyance on par with the occasional pushy door to door salesman. With time, maybe I can look at Mormonism entirely objectively and with some faint amusement, like I would Zoroastrianism or the Jedi Church or Cubeaism. Here's hoping.

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